Ernesto Piloto

Multidisciplinary Artist & Pastry chef

I build art beyond the concept of food: a new way of reflection with the fundamental idea of creating new definitions of social value in today’s consumer society. I constantly reflect on how we live, our social conditioning, and how this can be imprinted in our conscience. Furthermore, an important aspect of my work is a contemplation on how tools like technology have reshaped us, and fostered our anxiety of evolution into the new unknown world of human perception.

My newest body of work challenges participants to question the boundaries of traditional arts and culinary arts, as well as consider the intersection of the two. I transform ingredients into artwork installations that stimulate not only the senses but also the intellect. Themes such as reflection, perception, philosophy, and communication play key roles in this new journey of multi-sensory experience.

By combining the visual and the edible, the customer becomes a participant in this art-food-evolve concept. My work allows clients to enjoy a multi-sensory experience and engages them on how create a new evolutionary context of involvement with the food, in a new perceptual world of critical thinking. My work advocates for the personal initiative of taking control of our destiny. By staying close to who we really are and rejecting any source of manipulation, listening to our inner self is essentially within our reach.

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